We love a bit of history here at Eclectic Tastes. So here's a story for you!

In 1865, the early Swiss-Italian settlers of Hepburn Springs - which was originally named 'Spring Creek' - fought to protect the mineral waters in the face of the ravages of the gold rush on the land.

These settlers had been shown the wonder of the 'healing waters' by the Dja Dja Wurrung people, who had known of it for thousands of years. In resisting the mining activities on the spring, the Swiss-Italian settlers gave way to Hepburn Springs' long-term industry, which still thrives today.

In the years to come, the mineral springs became a tourist attraction, particularly when Daylesford was connected by railway to Melbourne in 1880, and in 1894 a spa bath house was opened!

Spring Creek Mineral Water celebrates the custodians who understood that the magic of mineral water is far greater than just the spring the water comes from, but the entire landscape.

Sourced and bottled just down the road from us here at Eclectic Tastes, this sophisticated, fine bead, European-style sparkling mineral water is perfect for our customers who enjoy something a little special - and a touch of history too.

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Images by Donna Todd from here.