Good coffee can make or break someone’s day. Because we know how important a good coffee can be, we only use the best specialty coffee around. Espresso di Manfredi believes that coffee is the spirt that’s enjoyed with every sip. 

According to the guys at Espresso di Manfredi, the spirit of Sprezzatura, the ethos of effortless mastery, can be found in every cup of Espresso di Manfredi. With decades of experience and passion between them, Stefano Manfredi and Master Blender Wayne Archer have created the perfect family of blends from the world’s finest single origin beans. 

While great food is high on our list of promises, exceptional coffee is right up there too. As well as a wonderful place to eat, Eclectic Tastes is also perfect for a quick coffee made by our genuine coffee lovers and a little something from our sweet fridge. 

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