According to these guys, granola shouldn’t have boundaries!  How fabulous is that? This Taste Maker is exciting for many reasons and we’re delighted that Eclectic Tastes is the only stockist in the State. 

Established in 2014 as a "sugar-free, full-fat" blog, The Unrefined was created out of a desire to inform, nourish and empower people to put their health first. Since then, they’ve expanded to become a granola and lifestyle business and even dabble in fashion and beauty too. 

As a healthy breakfast option, you can’t go past The Unrefined granola. It’s not only delicious, but free of all sort of things including gluten, refined sugar and preservatives. They are Australian made, paleo, high in healthy fats, low G.I. and made with touch of ROOFTOP honey.

You can enjoy an unrefined breakfast with us at Eclectic Tastes or you can take home a packet from our pantry and enjoy it at home. Check them out online here.

Images: Eclectic Tastes