This little gem allows Eclectic Tastes to deliver a genuine touch of Melbourne food culture to town. They are a team of dedicated food lovers who have been in the business for years with experience at leading Melbourne restaurants as chefs, front of house staff and all-round knowledgeable foodies.

They really do know good food and provide only the best produce available. Plus, they’re always on the lookout for new products which makes them super exciting. 

A core belief at Savour and Grace is that ‘there is nothing that draws people together like good food.” This sounds familiar and is well and truly in line with our food philosophy too. 

At Savour and Grace they collect and curate a huge variety of salume and charcuterie, cheese and dairy, smoked and cured fish, and pickled and brined foods; ingredients that feature in a wide range of our recipes as well as in the gourmet pantry section of our café. 

We’re delighted to have a supplier like Savour and Grace. Knowing that they only supply food that they think will bring value, boosts our confidence in delivering quality food to our valued customers.