Koko Black is a company built out of passion - which is what we love here at Eclectic Tastes.

It all started back in 2001, when Shane Hills set off around Europe to discover the essence of chocolate.

We travelled to Germany to learn the art of making chocolate from the bean and then on to Belgium where we met a passionate and talented chocolatier, who later helped kick start the development of Koko Black’s chocolate signature.
— Shane Hills, Koko Black

Two years later, the first Koko Black store opened in Melbourne's iconic Royal Arcade - a unique offering to the chocolate market with its high-quality, handcrafted chocolates in a salon-style setting.

Now, the chocolate connoisseurs make more than 100 different types of chocolates, with stores across the country, but one thing has stayed the same: 

Our aim has not changed since our formative days; the dream to create something special. The idea that chocolate could inspire, to ignite connections with chocolate’s deep sensory pleasure and personality.
— Shane Hills, Koko Black

So enjoy one (or many!) of Koko Black's chocolates, meticulously crafted in Melbourne, and now available right here in Ballarat.

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Images: Koko Black